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I use Thunderbird with JAWS. Could you please be more specific when you say that Thunderbird crashes. Could you give us a precise list of steps which causes the problem? When you say it crashes could you explain exactly what is happening? In other words, does the program literally close or does it stay open and just not accept commands?

There is one set of steps which I can describe which literally does cause Thunderbird to crash, meaning that the program actually closes and so needs to be restarted. This has to do with the Quick Filter toolbar, which can be found in the View menu under Toolbars. I usually don't keep this toolbar enabled all of the time but I periodically enable it when I need to search for certain words contained within the subject or sender's name. Here is what I can do to cause Thunderbird to crash, at least on my system.

1. The shortcut key to enable the quick filter bar is to press ctrl-shift-K.

2. Enter some keywords.

3. Press the escape key a few times. The first press of the escape key should clear out your search term and the second press removes the quick filter bar.

When performing these steps using NVDA the behavior is as expected, with the quick filter bar disappearing. When performing these steps using JAWS 2019 Thunderbird crashes and I need to restart the program.

I love the Thunderbird application. Its keyboard commands for commonly used tasks are similar, sometimes identical, to programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express, etc. On my system Outlook 2016, which does work quite well with JAWS, exhibits serious performance issues. Specifically, when I navigate through and open messages the responsiveness is slower than I think it should be. This slow-down in performance is what still keeps me using Thunderbird, as its performance is quite snappy. However, this issue, along with several others, doesn't make using Thunderbird with JAWS a very nice experience. I plan to compile a list of issues and send them to FS in the hopes that they can be addressed.

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On 12/15/2018 4:56 AM, Val Paul wrote:

On 15 Dec 2018, at 01:23, Val Paul <vpcara79@...> wrote:

Hi everyone! Thunderbird always seems to be crashing on me, and i’m getting a bit anoyed, so thinking of giving up on it.
Can anyone suggest another email provider i could use? [free if possible]


Sent from my iPhoneHi!As someone has said Thunderbird is not the provider, so i suppose it must be gmail.  I got my friend to check settings a few moments ago, and she says everything’s ok. I’ll now have to get ready for a battle with google!  Val.

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