Re: OCR and JPG files


This only applies to Jaws 2018 and Jaws 2019, in Jaws 18 and earlier OCR was only possible on PDF files and from inside Acrobat Reader.

OK, I do admit that I don't know if the feature to recognize almost any image file with Jaws OCR was added in one of the later Jaws 18 updates, but I don't think so.



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You can do “JAWS+Spacebar then “o” and then either “e” or “w”. I t doesn’t really give you anything, but give it a shot. You can also try using the application key then the letter “j” which recognize any text if there is any. The first way you have to open the file, the second way, you just right click (the application key).



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Subject: OCR and JPG files



Can the JAWS OCR convert a JPG file and if so, what is the key strokes?


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