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Hi all!

 Are image PDFs the ones that are still not accessible to screen readers?



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On Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 04:46 PM, Dan Longmore wrote:

As an aside if you use Office 365 or Word 2016 you can open a pdf file directly in Word.  Most formatting is intact and you can then edit. 

And as a follow-on to this observation, and tying it in with the topic about OCR and JPG [which applies equally to image PDFs], you can use this as a way to determine if a file is an image PDF versus one that was created as a text PDF.  You won't be able to edit image PDFs and you'll find that they show up as a sequence of multiple pictures in the converted result (typically without any alternate text as this was not supported way back when, and many of these were scanned years ago, and it's still not a part of image scanned PDFs most of the time even now).

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