Re: Any list for blind Alesa and Google Home voice controlled devices


Hi Brian,


I have no problem with this and in fact prefer to subscribe to a few rather specific groups with hopefully not too much traffic where I know I find people who have and know the technology in question than to subscribe to a very generic list where you ask a question and get 5 replies from people who tell you that they don't actually own, say an Alexa, but they read this or that and etc.

My time is limited and I don't like generic groups where I get a ton of messages each day and half or more are not relevant to me.

I think this is one of these situations where we are dealing with the internet where everything exists and you pick what works for you.



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Now I'll put myself out there for flogging, but I really don't understand why there is this tendency in the blind/low-vision community to do two things:

  1. Split each and every blessed technology into separate groups.
  2. Avoid non-blind-specific groups for things like Google Home and Amazon Echo, where nothing, including setup, is specific to blind users.

In any case, there is the Blind Technology group, which allows discussion of virtually any technology you can name with an emphasis on use of same by blind individuals.  All pertinent details will be sent in response to e-mailing:

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