Re: Any list for blind Alesa and Google Home voice controlled devices


Fragmentation becomes pointless after a while and besides, truth be told, for many of these lists, be it Jaws, iOS or blindness related tech stuff, lots of us are on these same lists anyway.




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On Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 02:35 PM, Mario wrote:

my guess is that a single mailing list would get too chaotic with
discussions of everything imaginable and the moderation of the discussions?

That could be if there were not end-user mechanisms to control the flow of messages from a given group, but gives exquisite control over exactly what messages you receive:  Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from

Most of the groups I participate on with regard to anything are not actively moderated.  There are moderators (myself among them) that can and will step in if a situation calls for it and is called to our attention, but in general members post as they please because they abide by the community rules.

In any case, I really just wanted to point out the Blind Tech group, which is blessedly "general purpose" and has been around for a very long time now (it predates its existence on by quite a few years, if memory serves).  You also learn a lot that you didn't ever think about because you just happen to get topics that are very interesting that never would have entered your mind spontaneously.

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