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Panagiotis Antonopoulos

Thank you for taking this action, as well as your post Richard.
Best regards,

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Microsoft is aware that there is an issue when changing screen readers to Narrator because Narrator switches the driver, which causes JAWS to fail.
I know someone at Microsoft so I wrote him about this and while he isn't the person in charge of the braille side of Narrator, he knows they are aware of the issue and forwarded my note to him.
I have Windows 10, 1809 and I can use the Braille Edge with Jaws without any issue. I've not even tried to see if Narrator would work with it, and now I won't until something is said from Microsoft about this.

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Hi Ari/all,
Well, I have had an ordeal when I bought my new Lenovo, excellent otherwise. I had latest jaws at the time, and an Active Braille from the German company Handytech. Despite my computer tech's struggling, it would not connect with either Bluetooth, or usb. It made several trips between Ioannina, my place of work, and Athens, some 300 miles, and when we thought things were fixed, it was the same, once it reached my end. Eventually, both display and computer were sent to handytech, again with no success, although the Germans were insisting it was Jaws' fault. To cut a long story, my computer tech, eventually discovered that the fault lay with Narrator, and one of its drivers, and it was really a Microsoft fault, which affects some, but not all, displays. Once narrator was removed, I have had not more that problem.
Hope this helps,
Greetings from Greece (perhaps your family's country of origin?),

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Subject: Braille display and jaws problem

Hi everyone
I hope someone can give me some answers or additional tips on what to
try, since I tried asking on the Facebook group, but no luck yet.
I have used a Seika 40 (Perkins in the US) and U2 in the past
successfully with jaws, but for some reason I can't get the newest
version of jaws to communicate with them at all. In fact I can't get
the newest version of JAWS to communicate with any braille display.
When I say communicate, I mean that I am connecting the displays
properly to the PC. I have tried Bluetooth and USB. The displays are
displaying braille and are working with NVDA.
I add them in JAWS. When I try their Bluetooth ports, I am inputting
the com numbers the computer is giving me. When I try the USB, the
drivers are installed correctly, I write USB.
Nothing is happening when I restart JAWS or the PC and JAWS.
I am not getting an error message, but no braille is being displayed either.
I have unpaired them from the PC and paried them again. I have tried
their supposed input and output ports just to make really sure. I have
tried the USB, nothing.
I really have no idea what else to try?
Is it just me or does anyone else believe that the whole interface of
configuring JAWS and a braille display lacks the ease of the iPhone,
or even NVDA? And when you write to support of iether the screenreader
or the braille display manufacturer, the one manufacturer thinks it
could be the other product and the support departments shift the
problem to each other like tennis.
Freedom Scientific should totally redesign the whole braille display
module or interface of jaws, or something should be done to find some
sort of solution to the whole three-way problem of hardware, software
and operating system triangulate in some sort of easier solution.
Thanks very much

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