web-applicaties and markers with jaws 2018

William Windels

hello all,

I discover some strange problems with jaws-marckers in the last versions of mozilla firefox and google chrome.

when jumping with letter "k" to the available marckers on the current page, some are reached correctly as difined while others are not reached with the letter "k"""
both groups of markers (reachable or unreachable) can be used when opening the marckers-menu with ctrl shift k, then select the specific marcker and i chose goto.

all marckers are setup with the checkbox for the whole domain and are linked to text.
the checkbox for the whole domain is set because the web-application is a kind of ticket-manager for helpdesc-tickets.
the webapplications are itrp/4me and jira.
1: what could be the reason some markers can't be aactivated with "k" and some not?
2: what can i do/test to determine the problem?
3: if possible, is there a fix to add/adjust marckers so that this should also work with letter "k"?

many thx for any info/help.

william windels

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