Re: JAWS goes mute when Google Crom not responding

Richard Turner

Pretty much every time a program hangs, Jaws goes silent I think because it is hung waiting for a response from the software.
Sometimes, I can launch NVDA and that gets Jaws talking, or allows me to then close the hung program and sometimes then close and restart Jaws.

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On Dec 12, 2018, at 9:53 AM, Marty Hutchings <mhutchings@...> wrote:

Just now, when I tried to go to this site to post another topic, Google Crome hung when this page opened and JAWS went silent.  When I switch to the JAWS curser, navigating with arrow keys only gets me "Blank".  If I hit Control+Home, I get to the top of the page and then JAWS goes mute for both cursers.  I then try to Alt+Tab to another ap and still I get nothing.  After a while, JAWS will say something and then I will Alt+Tab to Google Crome and Maybe JAWS will say "Google Crom not responding".  I am using JAWS 18, Windows 7 andthe latest Crome.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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