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On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 11:48 AM, Van Lant, Robin wrote:
When I click the link, the communication opens in my default browser, even though I have Adobe as my default for PDFs
Which means, without question, that the link itself is to a PDF file.  By the way, this behavior is entirely normal, as most browsers support a PDF viewer.  I already mentioned earlier that if you don't want the browser to handle opening PDF files you can instruct it not to do so and to pass those links off to the system PDF viewer.  That's what I do, as I really don't like dealing with PDF files inside a browser PDF viewer.  I like my system viewer better.

As someone else pointed out, there can be peculiarities induced by screen readers using a virtual cursor/buffer, and I've seen that, too.  You have to figure out if that's happening for specific websites and find the way to throw focus exactly where you need it so that you can do the "Save link target as" and save yourself a lot of unnecessary steps.

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