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Subject: [jaws-users] Update on the JAWS 2019 December Update release schedule


Greetings List,


As many of you may have heard on the FS Cast last week, our goal was to release a JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2019 December update this week. During our testing process there were a few last minute issues discovered by internal testing and the Private Beta Team which forced us to stop the release cycle and go back to address the issues. That work is completed now, and we are now starting the release testing cycle again. Generally, it takes us a few days to verify everything is cleared and at that point, we should be ready to post. Early next week is the new target for the December updates at this point.


Sorry for the delay, but I’m pleased our process caught the issues, and we avoided introducing anything unexpected with our users.


Thanks for understanding and please let people know we’ll be posting soon.


I’ll have more up to date info for those of you able to join us on FS OpenLine this week. Tune in on Thursday evening at 8 PM Eastern. For details on FS OpenLine and the instructions for joining us with Zoom, please visit: http://blog.freedomscientific.com/fsopenline/





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