Announcing Tabs On A Line


In NVDA, you are able to set an option that will tell you how many tabs a line is indented by. Is there such a feature in JAWS?

I've checked out Speech and Sound Schemes but when I use the Visual Studio (Indent) scheme in Visual Studio, I don't hear tab indications. My code uses standard tabbing where each indent is one tab (not two, 4 or 8 spaces as presented in Speech and Sound Schemes.) I see the speech and sound option for one tab is 0.125 inches. Isn't this a "dangerous" implementation since it's based on a hard-coded tab width (which of course doesn't work in VS?)

It cant' be that a screen reader like this doesn't offer the ability to announce tabs, so can someone help me out here? How do I turn on tab announcements? I've recently switched back to JAWS after a few years away from it now that the pricing is more friendly and love what I'm seeing except for this one problem.

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