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Brent Harding

On this kind of topic, I've seen ads on Facebook for extremely cheap Office 365, possibly claiming to be lifetime on sites like Digital Upgrade Studio. I'm kind of skeptical that these are bad in some way, but they keep popping up now and again on FB, the same outfit. I think the $11 deals on Ebay can be mostly legit in people wanting to get rid of stuff they no longer use, but there's very little lifetime anything when it comes to services.

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As an aside, given that "recycled licenses" for Office 2016 Pro Plus routinely cost about the same as the $11 paid for Access 2016, they're a better bargain and you get the entire office suite, including Access, in the bargain.

I have updated six computers now using recycled licenses purchased from eBay and have had no trouble except with one license key, which the seller promptly replaced with another when I let them know it didn't work.

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