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Nino, right click the link, arrow down to and press the enter key on the
save link as command. the standard save as dialog should open allowing
you to type a name for the file (or accept the default name) and change
the location to where you want to save it onto your HD.

depending on which browser you're using, the term (it might just say
save as instead of save link as) and manner in which it saves the PDF
changes slightly but the concept is similar. for example, pressing the
application key or shift+f10 instead of right clicking, bla bla bla.

also, some websites may not allow to save the PDF, in which case there
may be another way to save the PDF such as simply pressing control+s
after it has been opened.

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How do you save a pdf file from a link in an email.

There is this book about linux  in the email if you click on the link it
opens a pdf file.

I want to save the pdf file to my computer.

I would like to put it on my Polaris.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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