Re: Registering Kindle for PC software using Jaws

Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

The Kindle for PC program isn't at all accessible to register, but it can be done. Some of us use a program called Codex, which easily converts Kindle books to any format you want. For this, one does not use the latest Kindle. As long as I'm converting the book for my own use, I am certainly not violating copyright law. Be all that as it may, this page about Codex includes the clear explanation of how to register Kindle for PC.

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Subject: Registering Kindle for PC software using Jaws

Does anyone know how to register a new install of the Kindle for PC
software? The registration screen looks completely inaccessible with
every screen reader i have tired, Jaws 2019, latest NVDA, Narrator, etc.



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