cannot install sql management studio 2017.19.1 with jaws 2019

Marvin Hunkin <neilmarvin@...>

Hi, I try to install sql management studio 2017.9.1 latest stable release, and it gets stuck at the visual studio 2015 kb 3 million 95 681 and then I get this error.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio


RELEASE 17.9.1

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Close Button

Setup Failed

A pending restart is blocking setup from completing. Please restart the computer and run setup again.


Click here for the log file.

And do multiple reboots. Even searched for vs 2015 in the registry  and deleted allinstances.

And still does not install. Got sql server 2017 64 bit express installed and visual studio community 2017 15.9.3 installed.  Windows 10 64 bit pro 1809 and latest updates and got jaws 2019 home user. So, is there a work around, and have tried googling, but no luck. This is stupid. I do have a package called total uinstaller which will totally remove all instances of visual studio and found it on github, a command line utlity.

If any one has run into this issue, how did they fix it.

This si frustrating.

Don’t have time to do a windows reset, windows 10 is working fine, only issue, and did read through the log, but cannot seem to see any thing jumping out at me.

Any ideas.

How to get this to work.


Just want to import my databases and then have a look.

Any one had this issue.

Marvin.Using .



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