Questions Regarding JAWS 2019 and Outlook 2016 (365)

David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...>

Hello. To provide some context I'm using JAWS 2019 on a Windows 10 Pro machine, 64-bit, with 8 gigs of RAM. According to the System Information app the processor is AMD Athlon(tm) Dual Core Processor 5400B, 2800 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
I admit this isn't the fastest machine out there but it's served me well for many years.

I've recently begun using JAWS 2019. I've been a Thunderbird user for about nine years and, in general, it works well on this machine. However, JAWS has just enough issues with it that I considered switching to Outlook. First, I sometimes hear "not selected" as I delete messages and focus moves to the next message. I also find it very annoying that it places the subject of the message on the first line of the message, just as it does when placing the title text on the first line of a Web page. At other times, navigating the list of folders does not report the folder name which has focus, although this issue is intermittent. The "not selected" announcement is also intermittent. Basically, the Thunderbird scripts really need to be updated.

My version of Outlook is 2016 via Office 365.

Anyway, after trying Outlook 2016 I have the following questions and observations.

1. Where is the folder tree view that I'm used to with older versions of Outlook? From the message list I thought it would gain focus if I press shift-tab but this does not happen. I have enabled it in View settings unless there is something that I've missed.

2. It's probably my machine but performance when opening a message is very slow. I have ensured that preview pane and message reading pane are disabled. While I have message reading set to automatic in Quick Settings it sometimes just reads the sender's name, followed by "button" whenever I open a message. I believe I may have fixed this by setting the reading to not use the virtual cursor for read-only messages, as this has slightly improved the performance but I am wondering if others have experienced this. While I do not intend to start a JAWS vs NVDA battle I will say that the performance with NVDA and Outlook is somewhat better than what I'm seeing with JAWS.

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