setting column and row titles for tables on webpages

mike mcglashon

Hey guys:

This question is kind of parallel to jaws/excel’s function of setting row and column titles within webpage titles.

In excel, we are able to tell jaws that a certain row contains the column headers it should read, as we move across from column to column within a given row.

I would like to be able to define a certain row for column headers on a webpage table.


Let me set up an example:

Using, whilst looking at company option chains,

They appear as tables.


How to duplicate my example:

Go to,

For this example, put in the ticker symbol “siri” for Sirius xm in the “symbol lookup” edit box, and hit enter.

At that point, a list box will appear just under the search button which will list what it found for that ticker symbol,

In this example, you will see a listing for “Sirius xm”.

Hit enter on that entry, and it then creates a generic watchlist with “siri” as one of its entries.

If this is your first time entering a ticker, it will be the only entry in your watch list;

The entry will appear as a link.

Then hit enter on the link in the watchlist for Sirius xm which is listed as “link siri”.

When you do this another page will open with specs particular to “siri”.

It will have things like its last open and its last close, and lots of other stuff.

On this page, do a jaws search for the word “options”.

It will put you on a link that says “options”.

Hit enter on this link, and you will be brought to another page which shows the available options that can be traded for this company.

This page will say something like “options chain for Sirius xm”.

When you do a “t” with virtual cursor on, you will be put into a table.

This table lists the available options for “siri”.


Construct of the table itself:

The dimensions of the table might be something like “table with xxx rows and 15 columns”;


The top row of the table consists of three big headers which spread across 15 columns.

These headers are “calls” then the middle portion is blank, and the right hand side is “puts”.

(I will not discuss what these mean here, too complicated for my question).


The second row of the table has something like:

Options for Sirius xm expires on Dec 21 2018.

This will spread across all 15 columns.


The third row, the one I want to define looks something like this:

The first 7 columns say: quote, last, chg, vol, bid, ask, and open int;

The 8th colum has strike,

And the remaining 7 columns have the same headers as the first 7.


So, what I am looking to do is,

I wish to tell jaws that I want him to use the third row of the table for his headings, not the first row, which only consists of three large headings which spread across all 15 colums.


Is this possible?


I apologize for the lengthy question, but I wish to allow any of you who feel adventurous, to duplicate what I am trying to do.

I don’t think it would be fair to ask a question and not have a way to put you in my situation.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Mike mcglashon

Email: Michael.mcglashon@...

Ph: 618 783 9331


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