Re: Why is my Outlook not sending email?


I'm thinking it should be Ctrl+S? Also try using the F9 key to send/receive all.
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Subject: Why is my Outlook not sending email?

Dear listers this is michael. 
I have some problem with Outlook. 
Every time I write an emailafter and Press Ault+S to send when I Press Ault and F4 to exit out Outlook it says that I have an email waiting to send in the Outbox. Why is this happening?
What additional key command that I have to press?
All answers are appreciate. 
o not answer if you don't know. 
Best regards 
Michael Munn 
PS this is my first time asking question in this list serve. 
I have a very bad grammar so I ask you all to not laugh at my poor Grammar.
Best regards 
Michael Munn 
Michael Munn
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