Re: Why is my Outlook not sending email?


Also, unless one makes settings tweaks, Send/Receive is cyclic, occurring every so many minutes.  By default Outlook does not do a Send/Receive upon exit, though it can be set to do so.


Now, it appears that this page is not entirely accessible as one image is a screenshot of the Send/Receive Groups dialog, but there is no discussion in the text of the checkboxes that are part of the dialog.  The checkbox that reads, Perform an automatic send/receive when exiting, must be checked if you want that to occur.  It is not checked by default.

If this is not set, and you hit Send for a message earlier, but Outlook has not hit the number of minutes to kick off the next send/receive cycle, you will get the message that there are still messages to be sent.  If you set it then Outlook does one final send/receive as part of the exit process.

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