Re: Jaws 18 with windows 10

JM Casey


What happens when you press alt-tab?
Does the function of this windows key command return to normal if you restart JAWS?
JAWS shouldn't really affect the way alt-tab operates, but I did notice something weird occasionally, where alt-tab would merely move back and forth between two (possibly most recently opened?) windows instead of cycling through all open windows. Restarting JFW did seem to return this function to normal operation, but as it's a windows command and not a JAWS one, I don't know why this is so.
I haven't yet seen this happen while using JAWS 2018, but someone using NVDA recently reported a similar issue.

Is everything else working as normal?
Your windows 10 laptop isn't in tablet mode, is it?

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I have a new Dell laptop and can no longer do alt + tab to go between applications.
Does anyone else have this issue or know how to set up my windows 10 to work best with Jaws 18?


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