Re: How to interact with "comments" in an MS Word 2016 document

Feliciano G

Alt, shift apostrophe


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Try Alt+r n (next comment), and Alt+r V (previous comment).


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Subject: How to interact with "comments" in an MS Word 2016 document




I am seeking an efficient, accessible way to interact with “comments” within an MS Word 2016 document.  I am using JAWS 2019.


I am familiar with the MS Word command to make a list of “comments” (control+shift+’) as well as the similar JAWS command (windows+;) and also the JAWS command alt+control+’.  But, none of these commands opens the “comment” pane relative to the “comment” at the cursor location.  Instead, all they do is list, announce and allow you to navigate to the spot within the document where the respective “comment” is.  I wish that when JAWS announces that the text at the present cursor location contains a “comment” I could make a command to open the “comment” pane for that particular “comment.”


As regards interacting with the “comment” pane, is making the shift+F10 (applications key) really the only way to interact with it?  It also seems that the standard control+spacebar command to close a pane does not work but, rather, that the only way to close the pane is to press escape; which seemingly also saves whatever changes or interactions you may have performed relative to the “comment.”  Is all this true?


Finally, suppose you are in a “comment” pane and that you have interacted with it in whatever way (e.g., edited it, just looked at it, resolved it, etc.), is there an easy way to then move to the next or previous “comment”?


Right now, the only way I know how to do pretty much all of the above is to go through the virtual ribbon menu structure; which is neither easy nor efficient.  There must be a better way!




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