Re: MathML Web version? Accessible? #jaws

Jason White

It hasn’t been mentioned on the blindmath list, which is where accessible mathematics-related tools are discussed. I would suggest subscribing there.


Trying it with Chrome OS and ChromeVox might be worthwhile, but my suspicion is that there are issues either with the software or with how you’re using it.


From: <> On Behalf Of Gregory Gerhart
Sent: Thursday, December 6, 2018 2:55 PM
Subject: MathML Web version? Accessible? #jaws


Hi everyone. Looking for some help. I have a student with JAWS2019 and we were trying the MathML equation editor add-on for Google Docs. According to their website, it is a fully accessible equation editor that works with Google Docs and screenreaders but we have been running into challenges. First it creates the equation as an object with Alt-Text. I inserted the fraction 3 over 2 as an example. The alt-text title box has "3 over 2" but the description box has crazy code gibberish "<math xmlns=""><mfrac><mn>3</mn><mn>3</mn></mfrac></math>" which JAWS 2019 instead of the title. Is there a way for JAWS2019 to read ONLY the title and ignore the description? 

Thanks, Greg

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