MathML Web version? Accessible? #jaws

Gregory Gerhart

Hi everyone. Looking for some help. I have a student with JAWS2019 and we were trying the MathML equation editor add-on for Google Docs. According to their website, it is a fully accessible equation editor that works with Google Docs and screenreaders but we have been running into challenges. First it creates the equation as an object with Alt-Text. I inserted the fraction 3 over 2 as an example. The alt-text title box has "3 over 2" but the description box has crazy code gibberish "<math xmlns=""><mfrac><mn>3</mn><mn>3</mn></mfrac></math>" which JAWS 2019 instead of the title. Is there a way for JAWS2019 to read ONLY the title and ignore the description? 

Thanks, Greg

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