Re: how to set home page on firefocks

Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Val. To set your home page on Firefox,

1. Open Firefox.
2. Open the page you want as your default home page.
3. Press ALT plus T followed by O for Options.
4. Press SHIFT plus TAB twice to get to the list of Options categories.
5. Down Arrow once to get to the Home category.
6. TAB six times to the Use Current button, and press SPACE.
7. Press CONTROL plus W to close the options.

Your home page is now set.

Bill White

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Subject: how to set home page on firefocks

Can anyone tell me how to set my homepage on Firefocks?

Also, when on a website, how to stop Firefocks from saying every time,
"would you like firefocks to save your password"?



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