A follow up: Related to the email address announcement bug in Jaws 2019


Hello list,

A follow up to my issue outlined below. After a back and forth with Vispero tech support, it looks like while my issue was identified, a fix is going to have to wait for the next JFW update if that.


Wanted to let you know this was sent to development.  It may be fixed in the next version of JAWS, as they already found a fix for newer versions of Office; we will see if this will apply to your version as well.

My concern and I expressed the same is with the language used. “may” and “we will see”. It’s not like I’m running Office 2003 and I reiterated to them that this issue, be it the autocomplete email address bug nor the calendar appointment subject field bug was not an issue in JFW 2018. I would hope/expect that a fix is forthcoming.

So basically for right now, if anyone else is dealing with the same issue, you have a choice to either live with the autocomplete email address bug or using the fix provided by Vispero and live without Jaws speaking the subject field info in calendar appointments. I find the missing subject field stuff to be more disruptive for my needs so am living with the autocomplete bug for now.


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