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I find it easier to use the Google drive app to upload files to Goole and using the Google app you can click on the Google drive app and see all of the files you have in Google drive.

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Subject: Help wanted

I have problems which I want you lovely chaps to help me about. It is all about Google drive and dropbox on my computer. I don't understand how they now work.
I downloaded and installed google drive's backup and sync on my computer, but it doesn't open. Again, when I intend to upload my folders and files on to drive using the page, I get to the new button: I hear new button collapsed: when I press space bar on it, I hear expanded, but then I don't find any where that tells me to upload anything.
I even downloaded google chrome data, but when I am using it with drive, it just suddenly disappears, and I hear JAWS professional which means that Google chrome data has disappeared. I tried it several times by relaunching the program, but the same thing happens.
Can anyone please kindly help me about this problem? how can I get around it On the other hand, I have dropbox installed on my computer and mobile phone as well.
The problem I have with dropbox is that I cannot upload folders. I could do this at a time, but some time ago, dropbox updated it's program, and I can no longer find any link to upload folders. I only find links to upload files. I did upload files, but they are very difficult to locate, because they are just to many and they are scattered all over the place. Maybe I don't know where to find the link to upload folders: can anyone help? I infact want to delete the files I have on the program, and upload the folders containing all those files.
Hope to read a response from you lovely chaps.

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