Re: pros and cons of Office 365

David Goldfield

I haven't read all of the responses to your question on this thread and so I'm sure that most of what I'm about to say has already been covered. The only downside, if you consider it a downside, is that you'd be paying an annual fee for the software. However, the benefits far outweigh any negatives. You'd be able to access the desktop apps on more than one computer and you'd also have a terabyte of space on Onedrive. However, you will get new features sooner than you would if you bought what Microsoft calls the perpetual license of Office, such as a boxed version of Office 2019. This article explains the differences in what you'll see in Office 365, as opposed to Office 2019.

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On 11/30/2018 2:37 PM, Kevin Meyers wrote:


I’m using Windows10 and Jaws 2018. I was looking to switch to Office 365. I need to start using Access. I’m looking for the most cost effective way to get Access. I either go to Office 365 and pay the $70 per year for the personal version. Or purchase a stand alone Access 2016 for $129. What are the pros and cons of using office 365?






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