Re: pros and cons of Office 365

Jason White

JAWS 2019 now separates the scripts for the Office 365 versions from scripts for older releases of Microsoft Office. This is said to improve performance, and, I suspect, reliability as well. Microsoft has also been making accessibility improvements that appear in the Office 365 updates.


I’m of course referring to the desktop Office 365 application, not the Web-based ones that are also included with the subscription.


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Pros: you are always running the latest version, which is likely to have about the best support from Jaws.  Cons: you have to keep paying.  I switched from Office 2007 a couple of months back.  So far, I think it is worth the price, although $100 per year for my household is a lot more than the $10 a year that 2007 cost me.  Oh well, no such thing as a free lunch, except maybe a free office suite if it meets all of your needs.



On 11/30/2018 13:37, Kevin Meyers wrote:


I’m using Windows10 and Jaws 2018. I was looking to switch to Office 365. I need to start using Access. I’m looking for the most cost effective way to get Access. I either go to Office 365 and pay the $70 per year for the personal version. Or purchase a stand alone Access 2016 for $129. What are the pros and cons of using office 365?






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