Re: pros and cons of Office 365

Chris Hill

Pros: you are always running the latest version, which is likely to have about the best support from Jaws.  Cons: you have to keep paying.  I switched from Office 2007 a couple of months back.  So far, I think it is worth the price, although $100 per year for my household is a lot more than the $10 a year that 2007 cost me.  Oh well, no such thing as a free lunch, except maybe a free office suite if it meets all of your needs.

On 11/30/2018 13:37, Kevin Meyers wrote:


I’m using Windows10 and Jaws 2018. I was looking to switch to Office 365. I need to start using Access. I’m looking for the most cost effective way to get Access. I either go to Office 365 and pay the $70 per year for the personal version. Or purchase a stand alone Access 2016 for $129. What are the pros and cons of using office 365?






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