Removing break lines in Excel

Wideman, Donna J

Hello All,
I have a file in Excel and when I open it I click next to go through the process of importing it.
I know that this step is where I can remove break lines and put in the desired break lines for my needs, but do not know how to make Jaws read it.
Can anyone help?

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Subject: Re: Taking out Hard and soft page breaks in Notepad after copying and pasting text

Hi bill,
That works in Microsoft Word but not in Notepad, at least not on my Windows 7 computer at work! Perhaps it does under Windows 10.
In Notepad it is a real pain because there doesn't seem to be a way of typing a formfeed character directly, even though you can copy/paste them in or have some other program put them in for you. The solution, as far as I can find, is to manually find an instance of a formfeed character (hard page break, if you like), copy it to the clipboard, and then paste it into the "Find" box of the "Find/Replace" dialog. Leave the "Replace" field blank as Bill has already said.
Soft page breaks cannot be removed by their very nature. However, if they are caused by excessive line breaks, you can delete those. There isn't, as far as I know, a way of automating that process in Notepad though.
Where are you copying/pasting from? If Word, you might have better results removing all this white space in Word, following the instructions that Bill gave, and then copying/pasting the cleaned up text.

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Subject: Re: Taking out Hard and soft page breaks in Notepad after copying and pasting text

Hi, Sharon. To remove special characters with the Find/Replace in Notepad:

for page breaks type ^p in the Find box; for paragraph breaks use ^m

The Caret is the number six on the numbers row with the Shift key.

In the Replace box don't type anything. Then TAB and click Replace All to remove all page or paragraph breaks

Bill White

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Subject: Taking out Hard and soft page breaks in Notepad after copying and pasting text

Anyone know the keystrokes to do this in the replace all dialogue box?


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