Re: Jaws with Microsoft 365

Michal Nowicki

I believe that's true only if you use the web apps. However, since Office
365 allows access to the full desktop apps in addition to the online apps,
this should not be an issue. For anyone who uses Office 365 with JAWS, I
strongly recommend the desktop apps over the web interface. The desktop apps
continue to offer better functionality not only with respect to
accessibility, but also with respect to supported features.



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Office 365 requires different shortcuts than the regular office programs.
Check out the free webinar on the JAWS resources page.
1. Go to the JAWS screen, insert+j
2. Press alt+h (help)
3. press r (resources)
4. Press w (free webinars)
5. press enter.

The office 365 webinar will tell you more than you want to know.


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