Re: JAWS Scripts - Are they interpreted or compiled?

Matthew Horspool

Hi Brian,

Yes. Usually it is a match on the program executable. In some cases they used to match on DLLs, e.g. Internet Explorer settings were under browseui rather than iexplore. I'm not sure why this is or how to achieve it in custom scripts.

In JAWS 5.0 they introduced a file called ConfigNames.ini. This maps executable names to more human readable config basenames, which is why Internet Explorer is now under Internet Explorer. A later addition to that file allowed JAWS to load different configs based on the version of the file it found. This is how, I suspect, JAWS knows to load Word Classic vs Word 365 even though the EXE in both cases is winword.exe.

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On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 09:00 AM, JM Casey wrote:

The scripts would be loaded at program startup, I believe, not JAWS startup. I think it’s quite picky about it as well; in order for the scripts to load automatically they have to share the same name as the programme’s main executable.

Even with my limited knowledge I do know that your statement about a script loading when a program starts up is correct.  I had always wondered what the mechanism was for JAWS to be able to associate a script with a program, and based on what I saw yesterday your statement regarding a match between the JSS file prefix and the EXE file prefix makes perfect sense.  I'm sure someone else can verify.

I'm not the moderator, but I certainly hope this conversation will be permitted to continue.  There can be nothing more JAWS specific than how to tailor it to work with third party programs for which the existing JAWS configuration, sans scripts, simply does not work.  Even the casual JAWS user benefits by having some idea of the mechanisms needed to make certain "not off the shelf" programs accessible (or more accessible), even if they can't actually write scripts themselves.

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