Re: JAWS Scripts - Are they interpreted or compiled?


its very useful if you are working on a script
and for some reason it contains errors that
cannot be compiled and you hve to leave to do
something else. you then save your work with
compiling and can come back later to continue the work.

Legend has it that on Wednesday 11/28/2018 01:10 AM, Isaac said:
So, why would you save with out compiling?
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to compile a jaws script, you must have the
script file loaded and you simply save the script
with any changes with ctrl plus s. to save
without compiling you use ctrl plus w. hope this helps.

Legend has it that on Tuesday 11/27/2018 05:21 PM, Brian Vogel said:
If anyone can point me to the instructions with
regard to compiling JAWS scripts I would
appreciate it. I have never found the
scripting documentation that I know of to be particularly useful.--

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