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Matthew Horspool

Hi Ann,

Ah yes, this is a bit of a bug bear of mine. For some inexplicable reason, I have not found a screen reader that can do italics according to the rules of literary braille. JAWS can certainly show italics, but you will not get the old faithful italicised symbol/italicised word/italicised passage signs that you'll be used to from braille hard copy.

Instead, screen reader italics use dots 7 and 8 under the affected word(s). The setting to turn this on in JAWS is in Settings Centre/Braille/Braille Marking/Braille Marking. Note you may need to turn it on in both the Word and Default files.





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Hi folks,



I feel like this is a very basic question. And I also feel like I need some kind of basic braille display tutorial, too.



But I am still getting used to using a braille display with jaws.



I'm running the latest Jaws 2019 on a Windows 10 machine. When

reviewing/editing a word document, how can I get the braille display to

show when a word or passage is italicized? My input and output braille

settings are both set to Grade 2 braille, and my display for now is a

Braillepen 12 Touch, but I am hoping to get an Orbit Reader20 very soon.









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