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Yates, Danney

This is an interesting topic that, I too, have had to deal with. I have used a PacMate for a no. of ears and recently got it serviced, with what remaining parts FS still had available. I've tried using my IPhone with Bluetooth keyboard, but found editing on PacMate simpler for me.
I basically just set up folders with files, such as a "minutes" folder, with files contained for each of the recurring meetings and it works pretty well.
What actual device do you use in meetings to take your notes?

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Hi - In my new job, I attend tons of meetings, have to take loads of notes, and from those notes, keep an active list of action items. There are many topics to keep track of, and when it gets real busy, I can lose track of everything on my plate. Wondering how other professionals deal with this kind of working situation. What I do now is keep several MS Word documents as notebooks. Each time I attend a meeting, I open the appropriate Word file, enter a new heading (easy to search for later with navigation quick keys) and then start taking notes. If something comes up that I need to get onto my to-do list, I put 3 asterisks there so I can search quickly for those items later, and transfer them to my to-do list. I'm finding though that when it gets busy, I don't always go back to the Word file and pull those to-do items out and add them to my task list (in Outlook).
I messed around this afternoon with OneNote, but didn't find it very user friendly with Jaws. Maybe I just don't know how to use it well. I've used it in the past with the OneNote Blind scripts, but found them problematic after a while and switched to the Word file notebook system above.
Any other apps or ideas for doing this kind of work with Jaws? Needs to be efficient and easy to learn.

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