Re: JAWS Scripts - Are they interpreted or compiled?

Roger Newell

I haven't heard of this particular script.

Just to verify, is this a third-party script for which you were
provided with the .jsb file? If so, please make sure you can locate
the file in the following location:
Scientific\JAWS\2019\Settings\enu If you have the .jss and/or .jsh
file, you should probably show it to someone who knows how to read it
to verify that it's not calling on a particular script or function or
something that's been moved around in JAWS 2019.

On 11/28/18, Tom <> wrote:
Using: W10 64 bit and Jaws 2019.


I have experienced a problem with the punctuation script since upgrading
from Jaws 2018 to 2019.

Under 2018, the script could be run from anywhere on the system but since
changing to 2019, the only place the script works is when it is run from
desktop. If I am in a folder on another drive say, hitting shift control
Jaws says, "unknown script call to".

If I still wish to change the punctuation level then it is a trip back to
the Desktop and try again.


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