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Val Paul

Hi Mathew!

I have uninstalled that version of Jaws and am using narrator, but not getting on very well with it, so i'll try and reinstall Jaws again.

I'll put this email into a folder of it's own, so that if i get into any more trouble, i can refer to it.



On 27/11/2018 12:06, Matthew Horspool wrote:

Hi Val,

It's not as easy as it used to be. Probably the best way to do it now would be to download a copy of JAWS from the Freedom Scientific website, making sure it's the same version and build as the version you have installed. If you then press enter on it as though to install, it will detect that JAWS is already installed and offer you the option of a repair.

WARNING! A JAWS repair may delete all your user settings. Therefore, I would advise the following prior to a repair:

1.      Go to the JAWS Utilities Menu - ALT+U from the JAWS window.

2.     Press I for "Import/Export".

3.     Press E for "Export Settings …"

4.     Follow the prompts.

After a repair, you can restore your settings by following the same instructions, but in step 3, press I for "Import …".




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Can someone please tell me how to do a  jaws repair?


Every time i  boot up, I  receive a  message from Jaws, that the jaws drive hasn't been installed properly.


I've tried rebooting a  few times, but still get the message.


When i  booted up a  few moments ago, it said something about a repair.


would be glad of some help please.





Forgot to say, this is Jaws 2019.




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