Re: DECtalk ACCESS32 and JAWS, was RE: Please remind me where to din and how to download voices

David Ingram

Hi, how are you?  If you're trying to download voices you should be able to do that within jaws buy going to where the help menue is and going throu to see where the voices are?  I hope that this helps someone.

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Subject: DECtalk ACCESS32 and JAWS, was RE: Please remind me where to din and how to download voices

Hi Robin,

Interestingly, JAWS has (or had) a driver for DECtalk ACCESS32, but I now can't find a version of DEC ACCESS that works with that driver. I'm with you, though – I used DEC ACCESS with JAWS for years and would much prefer it over Eloquence. It hadn't even occurred to me until you said something that, of course, Vispero will have all the old GW licenses and a version of DEC ACCESS that works with Windows 10 thanks to Window-Eyes, so actually it probably wouldn't be very difficult for them to get something going.

Please can I encourage you and everyone else who would like DEC ACCESS in JAWS to email suggestions@... and make the case clear? I will also do this.




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I use Nathan in Vocalizer.  There’s just something in the Eloquenc voices that bothers my ears and makes it hard for me to understand them.  However, I do find that Vocalizer has some odd pronunciations compared to what I was used to with Dec Access in Window Eyes.  I am really surprised at how many edits to the pronunciation dictionary I have had to make to normal words that are said oddly. 


Oh, and I like the advice to change the JAWS cursor voice to something else so it’s really obvious when I am using the PC cursor versus the JAWS cursor.







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Subject: Please remind me where to din and how to download voices




I’m setting up a new computer and installing JAWS 2019. It’s been so long since I’ve downloaded voices, I’m not sure how to do this now.


I currently use Tom. I’m confused over which selection to make from among the various formats for finding and downloading Tom.


Can someone please remind me? Also, even though voices are quite subjective, are there  favorites any one cares to mention for best possible voice experience?

Thanks in advance. Keith

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