Re: Muffled And Distorted Audio With Jaws On New Windows 10 Computer

Tom Behler


I have not tried this because the problem seems to have corrected itself.

Will keep this in mind, though, if the problem recurs.

Tom Behler

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Hi tom,

Hav you tried disabling all "sound effects" and "Dolby Audio?"

In Windows:
1. Win+R for run
2. enter MMSYS.CPL for the sound card setup 3. Select the audio device, such
as "Realtek High Definition Audio"
4. Tabl to Properties button and click
5. Use Ctrl PgDn to move to the "Enhancements" tab and "Dolby Audio"
tab to disable those effects

Hope this helps,


At 07:59 PM 11/23/2018, you wrote:
Hello, everyone.

I am in the process of setting up a new Windows 10 computer with Jaws 2018.

I hadn't used the computer for a couple of days, and when I booted it
up this evening, Jaws came up, but was rather distorted and crackly at

In other words, the audio simply isn't as it should be.

I raised and lowered the speaker volume, but the overall Jaws sound is
still distorted.

I only have the latest build of Jaws 2018 on this computer.

This computer has 16 gigabytes of RAM, and a new I7 processor, so I
know there are plenty of resources to work with.

What am I doing wrong here, and how can I correct this issue?

Thank you!

Tom Behler

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