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Edward Green

Hi Paul,

Not a problem. I think it's been around for a while, but I suppose it's one of those that you only stumble across when you need to do something relatively involved in Word.

To make it even better, I'd like to see a setting where you could have the contents of'the virtual viewer displayed more permanently in a window you can access with alt tab. The problem at the minute is that when you activate a link to move to a change, you have to press windows key semi-colon to bring the list of changes back up and arrow to find where you'd got to.



On 24 Nov 2018, at 15:48, Paul Hunt <prhunt1@...> wrote:

Hello Edward. This is really cool. I didn’t know about this update in JAWS.

Thanks so much for sharing this with the list.

When was this feature added?

Thanks so much.




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Hi Loreal,


Whether or not you are working with a .doc or .docx file shouldn't affect how track changes work.


To toggle track changes on and off while typing, press shift+control+e.


Probably the most efficient way to review changes in a document is to press windows key+semi-colon which brings up a JAWS dialog of things you can review such as comments and footnotes. From the resultant list, choose "revisions" and press enter.


The changes should now appear in the virtual viewer, with a numbered link above each. Activating this link will take you to the relevant part of the text in which the change appears.


I hope this is a useful start.






On 21 Nov 2018, at 01:54, Loreal Lavigna <loreallavigna@...> wrote:

I’m working with MS Word 2016/Office 365.  One of my clients requires edits be reviewed in tracked changes but that the documents are typed in an older word format *.doc instead of *.docx.


I’m coming back into the workforce fulltime after being out for over a year – first on maternity leave beginning last year mid-Fall, and then spending nearly the first year of my daughter’s life taking care of her more fulltime than anything else.


The client I’m working with has me typing attorneys’ notes – No problem.  However, working with tracked changes, while I used ot be a wiz at this, either I’ve forgotten something or things have radically changed in the past 15 months.  I haven’t done this in a while.  Can anyone help me with a refresher on working with, reviewing, and reading tracked changes in MS Word with JAWS?



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