Re: A question about system sounds in windows 10


I want to state for the record that as much as I like howtogeek and how dependable their advice generally is the particular registry edit they propose has not worked for a very long time now.  The only workaround I know is to create a task that triggers during the system shutdown that plays a sound.  If anyone wants the XML file for same, you can download the one I created here:  ShutdownSoundV2.XML

If memory serves, just double clicking it will set up the task for you, with triggers.  It plays a standard Windows supplied "ring" sound (and it doesn't sound like a telephone, but rather chimes) when shutting down.  That is if it works on a given system.  Nine times out of 10 it doesn't do it on mine, while nine times out of 10 to always it works on some other systems where I've done this tweak.

Optical media is going the way of the dinosaur, and rapidly.  Anyone who thinks that CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drives will continue to be offered built-in has not been watching the trend of the last several years.  I make this comment as someone who intentionally sought out a laptop with a CD/DVD drive, but it was hard to find even a bit more than a year ago, and they're becoming rarer.


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