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Val Paul

Hi Marty!

When I wrote my message, i hadn't installed jaws, but used narrator to guide med through the process!

My friend came just after lunch, and had a look, and it had just finished updating.

I've now got Jaws reinstalled, and everything seems to be fine!

I'm now going to install krome, as internet explorer doesn't work very well for me amy more. This will be a learning period for me.


On 24/11/2018 15:24, Marty Hutchings wrote:
Are you even sure that the refurbished machine has JAWS on it?

Love in Christ
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So if I'm understanding correctly, you updated this new windows 10
computer a few days ago and jaws hasn't spoken since?

Try turning on Narrator which is the built-in windows screen reader.
The key combo to do this is windows + control +enter. This key combo
is a toggle so press it once to turn narrator on and press it again to
turn it off. Using it you will be able to see what's going on and get
to the jaws icon so you can start jaws. At the very least you will be
able to see what's on your screen.

I hope this helps.


On 11/23/18, Val Paul <vpcara79@...> wrote:
Hi good friends!
As you can see by this email, i’ve had to resort to my Iphone to send this.
I would be glad of some help. [always seem to require help these days] As
i’ve been having trouble with the USB drives on my pc, i took my pc to a
friend who has become the manager of a new computer shop just open.
Actually, he came to see me as i’m not walking very well with my hip which i
recently broke.
He took away my pc and brought m me a refurbished one.
What i’d like help with is when i set it up, it said that i was well out of
date, so installed the update helper, this was on Wednesday and it still
hasn’t spoke to tell me if i’ve installed it correctly.
How can i check this please?
Sorry for sending such a long message, but i’m trying my best to give you
the correct details.


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