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That has been discussed a few times on the list. There is no simple checkbox to turn on the shutdown sound, you have to create an elevated task using the Task Manager to do this. I did quite a long time ago and it was not very reliable, but since the 1809 update which I happened to get in early October before it was pulled, the shutdown sound is I think consistent on my laptop. I should say that I did not bother to do this on my work desktops. As was mentioned in previous discussions, hearing the shutdown sound is not a 100% guaranty the computer has in fact shut down. I had it a few times when I thought I shut down my laptop in the morning only to find when I cam ehome at night that it was not shut down because something had blocked the shutdown, the sound played, but then the computer didn't shut down.
I believe there is also a way to do this in the registry with one of these registry hacks one can download.


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And, if anyone knows how to turn on a sound when your computer shuts down, that would be appreciated.

I found the startup sound, but can't find the shut-down sound.

Right now, I don't have a good way to tell that my new Windows 10 computer has completely shut down.

Tom Behler

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Subject: A question about system sounds in windows 10

Hi all,

On my new windows 10 laptop, I would like to set up a few system sounds associated with certain events. For example, under windows 7, I used to hear a ding when my cursor encountered the top or bottom of the current window. Also, I used to hear a sound when a download completed. Although I've found the system sounds in settings and reviewed the list of program events, I can't figure out how to set these sounds. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.



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