Updating win10 on new pcHI

Val Paul

Hi good friends!
As you can see by this email, i’ve had to resort to my Iphone to send this.
I would be glad of some help. [always seem to require help these days] As i’ve been having trouble with the USB drives on my pc, i took my pc to a friend who has become the manager of a new computer shop just open. Actually, he came to see me as i’m not walking very well with my hip which i recently broke.
He took away my pc and brought m me a refurbished one.
What i’d like help with is when i set it up, it said that i was well out of date, so installed the update helper, this was on Wednesday and it still hasn’t spoke to tell me if i’ve installed it correctly.
How can i check this please?
Sorry for sending such a long message, but i’m trying my best to give you the correct details.


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