Re: This feature is so cool.


It depends entirely on how the site was written. What HTML tags or keyboard language or whatever. If you’ve got the Jaws detect language settings enabled and the page is properly coded, you’ll get this effect. More often than not though, this isn’t the case and Jaws gets all jacked up. A site in Spanish being spoken with an American English synth, British a UK domain being spoken in French, etc. Truthfully, for multi-language users, it’s easier to disable the language detect setting and manually switch over to the desired synth language.




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Subject: This feature is so cool.


I don't know if you all know this feature in Jaws.

I just done surfing a Web page that's in UK. 

Jaws has the ability to read this Web page in UK Daniel.Check it out.

PS Make sure you have your Vocalizer Expressive Voice set as default.

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