Hulu is On Sale For $0.99 a Month For Black Friday


I generally don’t’ post stuff like this, but this Hulu deal is actually pretty crazy.

I know right now, the service is lacking in regards to accessibility, but Hulu did enter into an agreement where they would begin to offer more accessible content and improve upon their app and site accessibility. Whenever that is sometime next year, one could at least be subscribed.

Also, as with Netflix, you can have a main account and have a few subprofiles. My wife renewed her Hulu sub since she dropped it a couple of years ago and went ahead and created one for me this time. I forwarded this same deal to my sister who also renewed her sub and created account for each of my parents so everyone can have their own recommendations and whatnot.

Just keep in mind, if you go for the family/ multiple user option, it’s one log in and you have to select who’s watching after that. So … having a unique PW for this account is probably a really good idea if you’re not already making a practice of it. You don’t even have to be the main account holder since you can piggyback on someone else’s account if they jump on this deal.



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