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Tom Behler



Your instructions for correcting a bookmark in Firefox worked flawlessly.


Thanks so much for the help.


I’m saving these steps for future reference.


Tom Behler



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           Under Firefox, CTRL+SHIFT+B brings up the bookmarks manager (which, oddly enough, has the window title "Library").  The structure of the Bookmark Manager is very, very much like File Explorer.

           If you don't happen to open with it in the "From Internet Explorer" list of bookmarks, then Shift+Tab back over to the tree view, get yourself to that group, then tab back over in to the actual bookmarks list for that group.  Locate the bookmark for the page you need to edit.  Since I have no idea what you've called it or how it's stored I can't get more specific about what to search for.  Once you've landed on it, you can then hit Tab and start moving through the edit boxes for a bookmark:

  1. Name
  2. Location (the URL itself)
  3. Tags
  4. Keyword

I have never bothered with tags or keyword.  You will, of course, want to select all in the Location edit box and paste in the corrected URL.  There is no save button.  Just make sure to tab out of the field you've edited to make sure it "sticks" and you can then ALT+F4 to close the Bookmarks Manager window.

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