Re: Papenmeier Braillex EL prevents jaws from detecting other braille displays

Delaunay Christophe <christophe.delaunay@...>

Hi Richard,


Many thanks for your fast response. Here is the workaround I could find if I want to easily go for a meeting:


Jaws is configured with the VarioUltra as default braille display. With such a configuration, if the VU is plugged in at the time jaws is started, or even after, it will be detected. The good thing is that if the PC is on my desk and the Braillex is plugged in while the Varioultra is unplugged, it is detected and used as the “current braille display”.


Problem is that if I unplug the Braillex, Varioultra cannot be used as “current braille display” until I restart Jaws.


In other words, I can swith from Varioultra to Braillex by simply unplugging the Varioultra and then plugging the Braillex. However, I cannot switch back from Braillex to VarioUltra by unplugging the Braillex and then plugging the Varioultra.


Hope I was clearer this time. Many thanks. Have a nice week-end. Chris D


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Subject: Re: Papenmeier Braillex EL prevents jaws from detecting other braille displays


I would assume, and note this is only an assumption, that Default braille display means that is the only one it will be looking for.

So, you cannot go in and select the other braille display on the fly?  On some levels, that doesn’t surprise me with Jaws.  As a former Window-Eyes champion, things like this seem to be common place.


I have not had the opportunity to try with two different brands.  I have access to the Braille Edge from work, and shortly will have the Orbit Reader 20 to try at home and then I can see if Jaws behaves the same way with those.






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Subject: Papenmeier Braillex EL prevents jaws from detecting other braille displays


Hi all,


Here is the problem :


I got two braille displays : One Baum VarioUltra 20 for mobile use outside my office, and one Papenmeier Braillex EL66S on my desk.


If I configure Jaws to use the Braillex EL as default braille display, it won’t detect my Varioultra at all, even if I plug it in after having unplugged the Braillex or even if I start Jaws while Varioultra is plugged and Braillex is unplugged.


When I set the Varioultra as default braille display, the VarioUltra is correctly detected at jaws startup and then, I can unplug it and plug it back again, it will be automatically detected when it is available. Then, if I unplug the VarioUltra and plug the Braillex, the Braillex will be detected and used. However, if I then unplug the Braillex and plug the Varioultra back again, it won’t be detected. I need to shutdown Jaws completely and start it again with Varioultra set as default braille display.


I noticed this for the first time with Jaws 2018 but this is still the case now with Jaws 2019. So my question is:


Is this a problem due to the combination of those two specific braille displays or is it a more general problem when using Papenmeier braille display alternatively with others, or is it a still more general problem of using two different brands of braille displays?


Many thanks in advance for any advice. Have a nice week-end. Chris D

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