Papenmeier Braillex EL prevents jaws from detecting other braille displays

Delaunay Christophe <christophe.delaunay@...>

Hi all,


Here is the problem :


I got two braille displays : One Baum VarioUltra 20 for mobile use outside my office, and one Papenmeier Braillex EL66S on my desk.


If I configure Jaws to use the Braillex EL as default braille display, it won’t detect my Varioultra at all, even if I plug it in after having unplugged the Braillex or even if I start Jaws while Varioultra is plugged and Braillex is unplugged.


When I set the Varioultra as default braille display, the VarioUltra is correctly detected at jaws startup and then, I can unplug it and plug it back again, it will be automatically detected when it is available. Then, if I unplug the VarioUltra and plug the Braillex, the Braillex will be detected and used. However, if I then unplug the Braillex and plug the Varioultra back again, it won’t be detected. I need to shutdown Jaws completely and start it again with Varioultra set as default braille display.


I noticed this for the first time with Jaws 2018 but this is still the case now with Jaws 2019. So my question is:


Is this a problem due to the combination of those two specific braille displays or is it a more general problem when using Papenmeier braille display alternatively with others, or is it a still more general problem of using two different brands of braille displays?


Many thanks in advance for any advice. Have a nice week-end. Chris D

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