Re: Is there a reason to not upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?


That is the sort of blanket statement which has no value, Windows 10 is an operating system and different people have different needs, e.g. somebody may use their Windows 10 computer to do some web browsing, use email and maybe Skype or play some music others are working demanding jobs or like me are self-employed and need to use more or less complex software which may or may not work better with NVDA or Jaws. I am not an NVDA user, but I heard repeatedly that NVDA is slow and sluggish in Windows Explorer which Jaws is not. I believe there is some sort of OCR add-on for NVDA whether it is as good and useful as Jaws OCR I don't know, but I use Jaws OCR daily and sometimes multiple times daily for invoices which are in PDF image format or faxes I receive via the Myfax service.
I don't want to put down NVDA, but I just don't agree with such broad statements which may or may not apply to what I need to do.

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Nvda works better with windows 10

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I also use the touch cursor because I find that it works better than
OCR in many situations.

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Hi Keith,

One thing I've noticed about Windows 10 -- the Jaws cursor is
becoming increasingly less functional. I find I have to resort to
OCr more often than in the past.

But there's a lot to like too, such as a much-improved Narrator
(which works even when Jaws crashes).

I think the Ribbon-based Explorer is more cumbersome.

Also, a lot more Tabbing when in Windows configuration screens.

Nothing that's a deal killer, but I do miss how well the Jaws cursor
worked back in Windows 7 and XP days.


At 02:05 PM 11/8/2018, you wrote:

I use a work computer which is still running Windows 7. We have now,
finally, been given an opportunity to upgrade from Windows 7 to
Windows 10, with a no return to Windows 7 policy once upgraded.

Is there any reason to not upgrade to Windows 10? This will be an
upgrade on an older computer, and not a replacement computer, if
that would make a difference.

Using the latest JAWS.

Thanks in advance. Keith

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